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14 Reasons Why Our Organic Face Oil Reigns Supreme

Written by: Amanda Winwood



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This comprehensive guide unveils the myriad benefits of our distinctive face oil. 

Learn about the innovative maceration process that imbues our oil with powerful phytonutrients, delve into the science behind jojoba oil's compatibility with skin, and explore how organic components like rose and vanilla offer unmatched hydration and healing. 

We also highlight the significance of our B Corp Certification and our dedication to sustainable, eco-friendly practices. 

By the end of this article, you'll realise that our Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil is more than just a skincare product—it's a comprehensive experience benefitting your skin, mind, and the environment. 

Be part of the organic skincare revolution and enhance your skincare routine with insights from Amanda Winwood, the dedicated founder of Made For Life Organics.

1) Award Winning Face Oil

Our amazing organic rejuvenating face oil, scented with rose and vanilla extracts is award winning and nourishes and replenishes even the most sensitive of skin. In the following article we are going to explain why oil is great for every skin type – even oily skin!

2) What Does Face Oil Do For You?

"A Drink For The Skin"

Amanda Winwood - Made For Life Organics Founder

This light pH neutral organic face oil is ideal for all skin types and makes a great base for foundation too.  

Hydrating and nourishing, it literally is a ‘drink for the skin’. It is ideal for restoring natural balance – day or night. In addition, it will also provide a gentle and natural barrier to the cold, protecting your skin from harsh weather. Natural and organic oils have a variety of research-backed benefits.


Face (and body!) oils:

  • Moisturise (keep the skin from losing moisture)
  • Soothe the skin (have an emollient effect)
  • Have antioxidant effects (prevent damage from free radicals)
  • Have anti-bacterial properties
  • Have anti-inflammatory effects


Barrier Repair

Evidence shows that many natural oils have a barrier repair effect. Oils with more linoleic acid than oleic acid may do a better job of repairing the skin barrier.

Reduces Scarring

Some natural oils, like rosehip oil and jojoba, help with wound healing and may also reduce the appearance of scars.


Reduces UV Damage

Sun damage can seriously impact your skin. Natural oils won’t protect your skin from sun damage (you need sunscreen for that), but some may help reduce UV damage.

Our Organic Face Oil

3) Why Our Organic Face Oil Stands Out

Our unique process of ‘macerating’, rose buds and vanilla in organic jojoba oil ensure that the phytonutrients from the organic skincare ingredients that we use are all infused into our organic face oil.  Luxurious hydrating rose buds are highly hydrating and also have antiseptic qualities. 

Rose oil is the best face oil for dry skin. It is a natural humectant, meaning it helps to keep the skin hydrated. It does this by drawing moisture from the air and sealing it into the skin. This is perfect for those with sensitive, dry or cracked skin, as it will help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent flakiness.

Organic Vanilla Oil is also a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, proven in studies to help effectively prevent infection and inflammation. This makes Vanilla Infused Oil a great choice for soothing burns and aiding in the treatment of acne


We macerate organic vanilla into the jojoba oil alongside the rose buds. Vanilla will gently stimulate your skin cells. The Face oil has aromatherapeutic qualities which will replenish your mind, as well as ensuring that your skin is naturally healthy. A great result for this mindful blend of ingredients.

Maceration process in the Made For Life lab
Maceration process in the Made For Life Organics Lab

4) Which Oils Are Best for Face?

Jojoba oil is the oil closest to the sebum of the skin which means that this beautiful light organic face oil will gently nourish and moisturise even the most sensitive of skin.


The infusion of  organic rosebuds and vanilla are softening and nourishing.  We have many customers who say that the organic rejuvenating face oil has reduced their rosacea and is also ideal for sensitive and sensitized skin.  


Jojoba oil is light and you only need a small amount - less is more. The skin will take what it needs to nourish the dermal layers.  

5) The Power Of Organic Ingredients

We choose only to use 100% organic ingredients in our skincare. Why? Because since our inception, 21 years ago we have always been committed to the principles of organic farming.  


What it means is that every ingredient in our organic skincare is free from pesticides.  It means that Made for Life Organic skincare is the purest skincare you can buy.  


And, in addition, when you choose organic you are choosing to make a positive impact on the planet – our flora, fauna, wildlife including healthy bees and no pesticides flowing into our oceans either. All vital for healthy life.  

Bee resting on a diasy looking out over a cliff in Cornwall
A bee on a daisy loooking out to sea


6) When Should I Apply Face Oil?

Made for Life Organic face oil is suitable for use at any time and for all skin types It can be used morning and night and applied right up to the eyes and also the throat and neck area. 


  • Put a small amount onto your fingertips and massage onto the surface of the hands together; this warms the product and distributes it over the hands. 

  • Clasp the fingers together under the chin, drawing the fingers outwards to the angle of the jawbone.

  • Stroke up the face towards the forehead to apply the moisturiser, then using a series of light circular movements with the fingertips, gently massage the product into the skin, beginning at the base of the neck and finishing at the forehead. 

Always remember less is more. Better to take a small amount and top up than use too much and have excess oil on the face.  

Lady holding a pipette dispensing Face Oil
Our Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil

7) Our Commitment To Sustainability

"1st UK B Corp Certified Spa & Wellbeing Brand "

We a are B Corp certified and have been since 2019. We were the first organic skincare range in the UK to achieve 100% organic certification from the Soil Association. 


We source only the finest and ethically produced ingredients which is why we have a B Corp rating of 94.7. 

All our ingredients need to carry an organic certification and they also need to conform to Beauty without Cruelty standards. 


We are also interested in how workers are treated, and we audit all our suppliers and sources. Where possible we use ingredients grown within the UK and we are committed to achieving net zero by 2030. 


We believe that Planet Earth is our most precious commodity and our commitment is to connect people to the power of plants to improve their health and the health of the planet too.

A bag of Organic Rose Buds
The finest Organic Rose Buds ready for maceration

8) Is It Good To Put Oil On Your Face?

One of the biggest questions we are asked is ‘If I have oily skin, won’t putting oil on my skin cause a breakout?”  The answer is NO.  


The essential fatty acids in organic face oil will help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, reducing redness and inflammation, and will also improve its overall appearance. This results in smoother, more radiant skin that looks and feels softer, younger, and more radiant.


The award-winning Daily Rejuvenating Facial Oil is very light and gentle, ideal for treating Rosacea. Rose is the Queen of all oils (regarded as a sacred oil in ancient times – and still is by us!) and is wonderful for hydrating, whilst vanilla gently stimulates the circulation.

Spa Therapist massage oil into face
Massage the Face Oil into the face

9) The Science Behind Our Face Oil

The key ingredient in the face oil is Jojoba oil.  Jojoba oil is a mixture of jojoba wax, free fatty acids alcohols, molecules called sterols (such as cholesterol), as well as antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins. About 79% of the vitamins in jojoba oil are vitamin e which is why it is highly nourishing.


Jojoba wax is a lot like human skin sebum, the oil your skin makes to stay moisturised and supple. Because jojoba oil is so similar to sebum and has a high vitamin E content, it's an excellent skin softener that can smooth dry skin, prevent flakiness, and improve skin elasticity.


There’s also very promising research on jojoba oil that suggests it can aid in skin barrier repair. Jojoba oil also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound-healing properties.

Jojoba oil can also improve the absorption of topically applied medications. It may have anti-bacterial effects and may be helpful in treating acne.

"excellent skin softener"

Wheat germ oil which is used at a very low level in our formulation for preservation purposes also is known for its excellent emollient properties. Wheat germ oil keeps the skin soft, supple, and moisturised for long hours. It is known for its excellent moisturising properties. It may help to heal damaged skin and is a natural scavenger of free radicals. It penetrates deep into the skin and is full of healing Vitamin E.


The jojoba oil base has a natural myristic acid which has wonderful anti-inflammatory qualities reducing redness in the skin. Great for reducing rosacea and may help with eczema and other dry skin concerns.


Rose oil is the best face oil for dry skin. It is a natural humectant, meaning it helps to keep the skin hydrated. It does this by drawing moisture from the air and sealing it into the skin. This is perfect for those with sensitive, dry or cracked skin, as it will help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent flakiness.

10) Customer Testimonials: Real-Life Stories

Many customers who are going through menopause and hormonal changes have found our Face oil is the only oil which improves their skin. 


“I had a facial using the Rejuvenating Face Oil and it is the only oil I would ever use now. My previously dry skin now glows with health”. SE, Cornwall

11) B Corp Certification: A Mark of Trust

B Corp is an assurance that the company and the products that you buy are ethically sourced and consider good practice for people and planet.  


As a business we are committed to ensuring that all the businesses we work with meet B Corp standards in terms of the quality control, governance and worker policies. 

This means that we will not deviate from the audit standards and will never compromise. It means that we are not cheap – reassuringly. If we were cheap we wouldn’t care about best practice and about doing the right thing for us as a businesses and for you - our customers.  


We don’t use and harmful ingredients or chemicals as we are committed to only using natural organic ingredients.

12) Eco-Friendly Packaging: Good for You and The Planet

From our inception 21 years ago, we have been committed to only using ethical packaging that is recyclable.  

Every single little brightly coloured jar and pot are made with recycled glass with aluminium lids.  

We don’t use wood to try and look ‘more organic’ – they (insert other brands here!) are all plastic lined and unrecyclable. Greenwash!


All our cartons are printed here in Cornwall by St Austell Print an award-winning ethical company.  We only use FSC paper and vegetable dyes for print.


Some people use the little bottles and jars again, buying our refill options which are also available on our website. A local Cornish café at Crantock Bay uses the face oil jars with tealights in the darker afternoons!

13) Versatility Of Our Face Oil

How the face oil can be used in various ways and for different skin types.

Dry Skin. If you have dry skin, cleanse and tone your skin, apply some serum, and follow up with oil.

Mix 4-6 drops of oil with your night-time moisturiser and apply the mixture to your face and neck.

You can also put 4-5 drops of oil on top of your moisturiser, and it will serve as a protective barrier for your skin.

Face oil can be used as a base for your foundation or BB face cream for a healthy glow

Use as a natural ‘mindful moment’ fragrance by dabbing on the pulse points and the wrists to catch the breath and be delicately scented

Some Cornish female surfers including Emma use the face oil to dab onto the tips of their hair to protect against the sea.

14) Conclusion: Join The Organic Skincare Movement

So – you want a natural healthy glow and balanced skin, which is great for you and the planet too – then move to organic skincare.

Great for your skin

Great for your mind

Great for your purse and great for the planet too!

Amanda Winwood

The Author: Amanda Winwood

Amanda Winwood, affectionately known as the 'Queen of Hugs', is the inspiring founder of Made For Life Organics. Her journey in the world of organic skincare for both home and spa is rooted in a diverse professional background, including hotel and events management.

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