Did you know?

Cancer Touch Therapy is the only UK spa Cancer Course to have CIBTAC endorsement and CM accreditation.

We have to date, trained over 500 therapists across the UK in Cancer Touch Therapy to confidently open their spa doors to people with cancer. Just within CenterParcs Aqua Sana alone this means that 5600 people who may have been refused access to a spa were welcomed. 

Statistics state that there are currently 2.8 million people in the UK with cancer and this is set to rise to 4 million in the next decade. 

 World Cancer Day 2019

So why is Touch so important for someone going through cancer?

Touch is important in a physiological and psychological basis. A gentle touch will lower cortisol and increase oxytocin and in essence, boosts the body’s immune system and releasing muscle tension. It also reduces stress and tension enabling better sleep and improving recovery. 

Our signature treatment – Hand on Heart 

Our research has shown that a state of calm and relaxation is accessed and that people going through cancer have found Hand on Heart beneficial to their wellbeing. 

Hand on Heart is a holistic treatment focusing on the back, head and face using a series of slow gentle touch. It was created to enable anyone suffering from anxiety and stress to access a quiet meditative state. The nurturing movements and slow rhythmic touch quieten the body and mind.

The treatment can be bespoke to suit anyone going through cancer. 

Hand on Heart Spa Treatment

Why our Organic Skincare products are safer than others for people going through Cancer

The gentle and natural 100% organic ingredients in Made for Life products have been found by people with sensitive and sensitised skin to be hugely beneficial. We are working with Plymouth University to extend this research and improve our formulations even further. But what we do know is that many herbs and flowers hold the natural remedies to improve health.

100% organic skincare

Where can you find your nearest spa to access the treatments?

Follow the link here to find your nearest spa offering our beautiful Cancer Touch Therapy treatments.

Read the latest blog on Spabreaks.com where the Managing Director of Made for Life Organics and founder of the Made for Life Foundation Amanda Winwood talks about the changing relationship between Cancer and Spas.