Daucus carota sativa

Rich in beautiful orange colour and an organic source of anti-oxidant beta-carotene with a natural SPF of 20.

At Made for Life we use Carrot Oil in some of our 100% organic skincare as it is naturally rich in carotene and Vitamin-A, protects skin against environmental pollutants and gives a natural glow to your complexion.


Anti-cancerous properties, partly due to it’s antioxidant features – particularly effective at tackling cancer in the stomach, mouth and kidneys.

Anti-viral and antiseptic making it excellant at fighting against infection

Has the ability to detoxify blood, tissues and other internal organs, like liver and kidneys, through the elimination of toxins

Can help you to feel more alert and active by stimulating brain functions and nerves

Mild and soothing aroma found to be very effective in soothing stress and anxiety


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