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  • Made For Life Botanical Hand spray kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, for hygienic hands on the go. With a purifying blend of tea tree, lemongrass and lavendin, the all-natural formulation will leave hands smelling fresh and feeling clean, with no sticky residue. Perfect to keep on your desk, in your bag and to add to your travel essentials list, this essential is made for healthy hands.

     •   Kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses

    •    Contains 64.98% alcohol 

    •    With a purifying blend of organic lavender, tea tree, lemongrass and lavendin

     Packaging: Bottle: 100% can be recycled with all glass.



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    Botanical Hand Sanitiser

    £6.75 6.75 Made For Life Organics
  • Made for Life Organics have collaborated with the team at BC Softwear to introduce a new Made for Life Sleep Ritual combining a soothing, calming natural botanical spritz with a super soft ECO sleep mask to cocoon the eyes and block out the morning light, ensuring a perfect night’s sleep.

    The Calming Room Spray is hand blended in Cornwall from delicately scented organic herbs and flowers which calm and soothe the mind and body before bed. This relaxing combination is the perfect balance of rose and lavender, blending the gently calming benefits of chamomile and roman chamomile with the gentle mood boosting benefits of orange to provide an elegant botanical end to the day. The Sleep Mask from BC Softwear’s ECO range SmartSoft cocoons and comforts, helping to block out the early morning light, essential to a peaceful, deep slumber.

    BC Softwear is the leading textile supplier for luxury hotels and spas in the UK, France and Worldwide. The products are designed for the most discerning customers, where quality and exceptional performance are the standard. British based, BC Softwear was launched in 2002 by the founder and managing director, Mrs Barbara Cooke. The company now provides expertise in the manufacture of exceptional quality spa linen, luxury bathrobes and footwear to 34 countries worldwide and is renowned for its unique understanding of the spa and hotel markets.

    BC Softwear have provided all Made for Life customers with a provide a special discount to be able to Spa at Home with their SmartSoft range.  Simply use the code 'NHS25MAY' to receive a 25% discount

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    Made For Sleep Organic Ritual

    £20.00 20 Made For Life Organics
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: This balm will help soothe sore and weak skin- naturally. Contains active ingredients of Propolis, Calendula and Thyme to help repair stressed skin. Customers tell us it has helped relieve skin conditions including psoriasis, acne, fungal infections such as athlete's foot, cold sores, stings and bites. 100% organic.

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    Sore Skin Relief Balm

    £28.00 28 Made For Life Organics As low as: £9.00
  • This 'miracle in a jar' solves many skin problems - naturally. Calendula macerated in olive oil, with St John's Wort and rose help soothe many sensitive skin irritations. Great for...

    * Eczema
    * Sun Burn
    * Rashes 
    * Extreme dry skin

    Available in three sizes: 10ml (£6.00), 50ml (£25.00), 100ml (£35.00). 100% organic.

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    Skin Solve Balm

    £38.00 38 Made For Life Organics As low as: £9.00
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: This balm will soothe aching muscles and joints- naturally. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation and reduces swelling whilst German Chamomile, Calendula and Lavender calm and soothe. This warming balm is ideal pre and post workout and will relieve muscle and joint pain. Customers tell us it has helped relieve symptoms of arthritis, rheumatic and neuralgic pain, stiff necks....you get the picture! 100% organic.


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    Soothing Muscle Balm

    £28.00 28 Made For Life Organics As low as: £9.00
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: This balm will gently soothe bumps and bruises and reduce inflammation - naturally. Great for the little trips in life and for pre and post exercise too. Arnica relieves bruising. St John's wort eases pain and swelling, Cinammon is an anti-inflammatory and Hyssop has antiseptic qualities to help repair tissue damage. 100% organic.

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    Soothing Bruise Balm

    £28.00 28 Made For Life Organics As low as: £9.00
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Create a calming and relaxed atmosphere for yourself and others. Delicately scented organic herbs and flowers will calm and soothe your mind and body, whenever you need it. Use to promote rest, after a long day to unwind or take a mindful moment at work. Relax the breath and exhale from your day. Learn More

    Calm and Gentle Room Spray

    £19.50 19.5 Made For Life Organics
  • A loving and compassionate gift...

    Inspired by the many people we have met who are going through cancer, this 100% organic gift set will heal, soften, moisturise and aid the recovery of the skin for anyone who needs nurturing. 10% of all profits from this set go to the Made for Life Foundation Charity. 

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    Catch Your Breath

    £53.00 53 Made For Life Organics