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Made For Life Organics

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Made for Life Organics | Made for Wellbeing Discovery Set | 100% Organic

Top To Toe Gift Set

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Two of our favourite body products that work in harmony with each other. Perfect for the festive party season.

    • Step 1 - massage the head & hair oil into dampened hair concentrating on the ends and scalp. Can be used as a pre-heat treatment or and overnight mask

    • Step 2 - smooth the body oil onto dampened skin after showering. Use an upwards motion concentrating on drier areas. Perfect for a massage treat and hydrating for winter dried skin.


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Step into Christmas with this beautiful top to toe collection of our favourite body products. Deeply nourishing and conditioning shine treatment for your hair and scalp teamed with our softening and hydrating body oil. Perfect for your party pins this Christmas!.

Beautifully packaged and saving £30 over individual product prices


Head and Hair Oil (Hair and scalp conditioner) | 100ml
Softening Body Oil (hydrating softening body oil) | 100ml

Gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin in two simple steps.



Use the body softening oil after your bath or shower whilst your skin is still warm, take a small amount in your hands and gently massage in circular motions from your toes upwards, towards the heart to encourage good blood circulation.

Use the Head & Hair Oil while the hair is dry. Pour about half a capful of oil into the palm of your hand and then start massaging your scalp with your fingertips, working the oil into the hair and paying special attention to the ends which are prone to dryness and splitting. Leave in the hair for about 20 minutes before washing our or for a deeper treatment cover the hair in a towel and leave overnight before washing out the next morning. To wash the oil out, shampoo the hair whilst it is still dry and then wash the hair with warm water.

Key benefits

Rich in vitamins D and E to protect and nourish skin.
Jojoba and Olive oil work to rebalance the skin.
Replace oils stripped from the hair by traditional shampoos.
Helps to alleviate flakiness and itchiness on the scalp.



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