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Made for Life Organics | First Aid kit | 100% Organic

100% Organic First Aid Kit - £69

Organic First Aid Kit

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This 100% organic first aid kit is perfect for children, walkers, surfers, gardeners and anyone who enjoys being outside.

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This 100% organic first aid kit offers the essential elements to keep the whole family healthy and protected. Soothe life's bumps and grazes, aches and pains, from nappy rash to eczema, aching muscles or joint pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of calendula help soothe sore, irritated skin - ideal for eveyone. Propolis is also good for cracked skin as well as for treating spots and fungal infections. Bumps and bruises can be eased with arnica and rosemary relieves aching muscles and joints. 



Bruise Ease Balm (Arnica Ointment) | 50ml
Skin Solve Balm (Calendula Ointment) | 50ml
Sore Skin Relief Balm (Propolis Ointment) | 50ml
Muscle Sooth Balm (Rosemary Ointment) | 50ml

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