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Made For Life Organics

Made For Life Organics

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Made for Life Organics | Made for Wellbeing Discovery Set | 100% Organic

Made for Wellbeing Discovery Set

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Four effective homeopathic ointments. Aids healing and recovery of skin irritation, burns, bacterial infections, bruises and soothes muscular and joint aches and pains. The perfect mini 100% organic first aid kit.


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A discovery and travel set of our four homeopathic ointments. These aid recovery from skin irritations, burns, aching muscles and joint pain, as well as bruises and insect bites. Ideal for lovers of the outdoors or the gym. Take on holidays to clear up any cuts and grazes little (or big!) ones might pick up.



Skin Solve Balm (Calendula Ointment) | 10ml
Sore Skin Relief Balm (Propolis Ointment) | 10ml
Soothing Bruise Balm (Arnica Ointment) | 10ml
Soothing Muscle Balm (Rosemary Ointment) | 10ml

Four different holistic ointments to organically soothe, protect and heal; extremely handy and 100% organic. All packed in 10ml tins perfect to sneak in your bag when on the go - just in case...



Skin Solve Balm (Calendula Ointment)
Apply a small amount to your fingertips and gently massage into the affected area. The ointment can be applied as often as needed and used anywhere on the body including the face. Suitable for use on babies and all skin irritations.

Sore Skin Relief Balm (Propolis Ointment)
Take a pea size amount of the balm and massage into the affected area. When treating areas of skin affected by bacteria, it is best to use a spatula in the ointment pot rather than your fingers, this will avoid contaminating the product and help to preserve its lifespan.

Bruise Ease Balm (Arnica Ointment)
Massage over the skin morning and night concentrating on any bruises. Can be used anywhere on the body and work particularly well when combined with the Rosemary Ointment.

Muscle Soothe Balm (Rosemary Ointment)
Massage into the skin before and after activity to relax muscles and reduce aches and pains. 

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