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Made For Life Organics

Made For Life Organics

100% All Natural Organic Body Skincare Starter Set | Made for Life Organics

Made For A Beautiful Body

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Discover our most complete and luxurious 100% organic body collection. This box of luxury contains everything that you will need for a full body experience. Starting with Embrace the day Body Scrub to gently buff and smooth your skin. Hydrate with our Softening Body Oil. Tone with our Tone and Firm Body oil and restore with our heavenly Restorative Body balm which tones and firms and leaves the skin soft and gentle.



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Tone and Firm Body Oil (Firming Body Oil) | (100ml)

Embrace The Day Body Scrub (Body Scrub) | (200g)

Softening Body Oil (Body Softening Oil) | (100ml)

Restorative Body Balm (Restorative Body Balm) | 10ml


Look after your skin from top to toe. A little goes a long way...



Embrace The Day Body Scrub 200g
Apply onto dampened skin. Use in gentle circular movements working towards the heart to eliminate toxins and stimulate healthy circulation. Finally rinse for beautifully soft skin.

Tone & Firm Body Oil 100ml
After your bath or shower, whilst your skin is still warm, take a small amount in your hands and gentky massage in circular motions from your toes upwards.

Softening Body Oil 100ml
Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and allow it to warm before gently massaging up the body from the feet, up the legs to the shoulders and down the arms.

Restorative Body Balm 10ml
After showering or bathing, while the skin is still warm, massage the balm into the arms, legs and body. A little goes a long way.

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