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Mindful Moments Uplift & Energise


Mindful Moments Uplift & Energise is used in spas to deliver an imersive massage experience and to revive energy. Our 100% organic body and massage contains an uplifting blend of rosemary, sage and thyme in a sensual massage oil.


Mindful Moments Uplift & Energise oil helps to revive your energy with a blend of rosemary, sage and thyme will uplift you. The aroma of rosemary offers mental stimulation and improves memory. Sage is purported to improve memory and cognitive ability. Thyme has been used for centuries as an energy tonic.

Now available in a great value 250ml refil size as used in spas. We have introduced this to deliver a home spa experience, reduce packaging and deliver a lower cost per ml to you. Please note that this is a professional/refill size and is supplied as shown without a carton, pipette or pump.

new 250ml refill size available

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Weight10 kg

10ml, 250ml


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