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Head and Hair Oil 10ml


Nurture your hair and scalp with organic Head & Hair Oil. Just massage a small amount of the oil into your hair and scalp before shampooing as a natural conditioner to stimulate follicles, condition hair, and reduce any itching or flaky scalp. Use after washing to reduce frizz.

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Traditional shampoos and conditioners strip the natural oils from your hair so try Head and Hair oil as a natural alternative to conditioner to reduce frizziness and make your hair shine. Just a small amount of this oil will condition the scalp, stimulate follicles and naturally encourage healthy hair. Use head & hair oil before shampooing to condition, or after washing to calm frizz. Our Head and Hair oil is used in the blissful Head In Heaven™ treatment, a firm favourite amongst Made for Life spa therapists and clients. The Jojoba and Olive oils in our Head & Hair Oil are rich in vitamins D and E which help to reduce flaky skin and itchiness by bringing the skin back to its natural balance.

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