There is a wealth of natural everyday ingredients that we use to also provide us with the perfect lockdown Spa at home. It is probably what some of Mums and Grandmas did!

The idea with the following is for you to enjoy making your own self care products and rituals at home.



The first step is to stock up your kitchen cupboards with the following ingredients which you will find in the Spa at Home recipes and treats I have put together.

All have incredible health benefits for us and our skin.

I LOVE Organic ingredients – good for the Planet and for us, but see what you can buy:

Oatmeal – soaks up any excess oil on your skin and can also help treat eczema and acne. It
has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat dry skin and also
remove dead skin cells. Oats contain compounds natural cleansers called saponins, which
remove the dirt and oil that clog the pores whilst gently exfoliating – the perfect spa larder

Brown sugar – the granulated particles of sugar will gently exfoliate your skin, clearing away
dry and dead skin cells to give your skin a healthy glow. Brown sugar has anti-bacterial
properties as well as containing glycolic acid which will keep your skin radiant and healthy. It
is also a natural humectant so is great for combining other ingredients. And it can help to
prevent acne and soften scar tissue.

Organic Raw Honey – Honey is not just good for the tummy! It has fantastic antibacterial
and anti-microbial properties and is packed with antioxidants and flavenoids so it is fabulous
for soothing sensitive skin and soothing any skin irritations including acne. Honey will also
unclog and open up your pores and its moisturising properties will give you a beautiful
natural glow.

brown honey in clear mason jar with stirrer

Lemon Juice – As well as being great for the skin when making your home spa skincare, a
glass of warm water with a slice of lemon in is a great way to start the day as
lemons provide a dose of the free radical fighting antioxidant vitamin C, which helps
keep skin even-toned and also helps boost the body’s immune system. Something we all
need just now.

Lemon is a good skin astringent as it helps to close your skin pores and will tighten resulting
in smoother skin. I personally would not recommend for use on the face unless you have
oily skin which is not sensitive

Olive Oil – Olive oil is used in many of Made for Life skincare products. Why? Well not only
does it act as an antioxidant preventing damage by free radicals, it is also packed with
Vitamins A,D, E & K which are also beneficial for the skin. It also has some antibacterial
qualities and has been used in a clinical trial to treat diabetic foot ulcers.
Bicarbonate of Soda is not a great exfoliator and will also slightly shrink the size of your
pores. This reduces clogging rom any dirt and other particulates. Bicarbonate of soda has
really good anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can really help acne prone
and menopausal skin. It is a great product to pop into your bath as it will soften the skin and
help with any bacterial infections too.

selective focus photography of green leafed plant



Feet First…

Homemade foot scrub/soak

This is simple to do and uses some of the ingredients we use in our own Cornish Made for
Life hand-blended organic skincare.

Method – Foot Scrub/Mask

2 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp of lemon
1 tbsp of Oatmeal
1 tbsp of Brown Sugar
1 tbsp of Olive Oil

Method to make

  1. Take a small mixing bowl and place your dry ingredients (sugar and oatmeal into the
  2. Stir in Transfer to a small bowl and stir in two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of
    lemon juice, and one tablespoon of olive oil. You are looking for a paste like consistency.

Method to treat

Make sure you have a towel on the floor or head to the bathroom!
Take the scrub and rub between the hands and then gently massage into the feet and lower
legs too. For an intensive treatment, you can wrap a warm hand towel around each foot for
10 minutes. Rinse off using a flannel and warm water.


Facial ritual/routine for mature skin;

Mature skin and drier/problem skin really benefits from being cleansed and moisturised with oils that are rich in Vitamins, A, B1, B2 and D.

Coconut Oil, Jojoba oil, olive oil, cocoa butter and Avocado oil are all great for the skin.

Avocado oil is is rich in lecithin which promotes skin cell regeneration and can restore elasticity.
Jojoba oil is unbelievably close to the molecular structure of the sebum of the skin and therefore is a beautiful carrier and component for cleansers and moisturisers.
Cocoa butter is high in EFAs (essential fatty acids), therefore it is great for hydration and will also nourish and protect. It is great to smooth and smooth wrinkles and scars.
Coconut oil is wonderful for reducing inflammation, it can help reduce damage caused through free radicals and also prevent infection. It will melt away impurities and is a great base for a facial cleanser.
Shea Butter is anti-inflammatory and fantastic for the skin as it has a high concentration of EFA’s and vitamins which will nourish and soften.

Facial Cleanser recipe

3 Tbsp Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil
1 Tsp Raw Honey
1 Tsp Sodium Bicarbonate
1 Small glass container (recycle a marmalade or jam jar – sterilise first!)

Method to make

  1. Take 3 tbsp of room temperature coconut oil into a mixing bowl and stir gently
    with a spoon. Using a slightly warmed tablespoon may help to soften to get the right
    consistency. It should be creamy rather than a liquid.
  2. Slowly add the teaspoon of raw honey and stir in well.
  3. Add the teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and make sure that it is really stirred in
    well and distributed throughout.
  4. Spoon into your glass container and keep at room temperature (out of direct
    sunlight). If it hardens don’t worry it will gently melt when you apply to the skin.

Method to treat

  1. Use the handle end of a teaspoon and take a pea size amount.
  2. Apply to the fingers and gently warm then apply to face and neck and move fingers
    in upward circles around face to exfoliate.
  3. Leave on the face for at least one minute which will draw out any impurities and
  4. Remove with a warm damp flannel (ideally muslin) which you have rinsed under
    the tap.
  5. You should see a lovely glow on the face and maybe a light oil residue. This will
    absorb quickly but you can pat with a clean dry towel. You may not need a
    moisturiser at all after this, but if you do, then just a super tiny amount of plain
    coconut oil works well.
  6. Use once or twice a day maximum. The Sodium bicarbonate will gently exfoliate.


I recommend that you only exfoliate once a week as the Bicarbonate of Soda in your homemade cleanser will provide a gentle exfoliation anyhow.

Method to Make
Take two teaspoonfuls of your moisturiser and place into a cup then add ½ the contents of a chamomile teabag (dry). Stir together until soft.

Method to Treat
Apply in upward movements over the décolletage, neck and face using a light and gentle touch. Remove with a warm damp cloth and then pat dry with a clean dry towel. Apply your moisturiser.

Moisturiser Ingredients
4 oz (2 large tablespoons) Shea butter
2 Tablespoons of jojoba or avocado oil
5 drops of one of the following essential oils:
Rose Geranium
Weekly Mask
Method to make
Simply blend the oils together in a bowl and gently drop in some of your favourite essential oil. You can blend a maximum of two but make sure you do not exceed the maximum amount stated. The essential oils will lift your mood as well as replenish the skin.

Method to treat

  1. Simply warm a couple of drops of your blend between the fingers
  2. Apply to the face, neck (including the back of the neck) and décolletage in smooth upwards movements.


Conditioning hair mask

The good news that you have all the necessary ingredienmts in you cupboard already!

Ingredients – for shoulder length hair – for short hair halve, long hair double!

2 Tablespoons Organic Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons of Raw Honey
(optional teaspoon of lemon)

Method to Make

  1. Put the oil and honey together in a saucepan and gently warm (be careful not to boil).
  2. Add the squeeze of lemon if required at the end.
  3. Allow the blend to cool slightly so it is just warm to touch. Pour into a small jug.

Method to treat

  1. Make sure that you have a suitable warm clean towel to hand.
    Wash your hair in the normal way. Pop the warmed towel around your shoulders and then take the oil and honey blend and pour into your hands.
  2. Rub into both the scalp and also right to the tios of the hair. If you have a shower cap put your hair into this or wrap your
    hair into the warm towel.
  3. Leave to soak in for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. Dry as normal.


Products to Buy to Enhance Treatment

Made for Life Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil

richly scented with rose and vanilla – this can be used to replace the olive oil in any of the recipes

Made for Life Tone & Firm Body Oil

w/ Rosemary, Mint and Green Tea can be added to the Foot Scrub instead of Olive Oil