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A health and wellbeing app that was created by our old friend and past colleague Freyja Hanstein.

Wholesome World Through & Through

Wholesome World exists to both to avoid or fight cancer. An ethos that Made for Life Organics strongly matches with. The health wave that can be immersed into your normal life, to realise and avoid detrimental products that can affect your internal and external wellbeing.


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Freyja & Made for Life Skincare

After a year working with our Made for Life team, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, Oligodendroglioma cytoma grade III/IV.

Realised by a chain of “what felt like energy deficient moments and light headedness.” A heavy hit, which followed the loss of her husband to cancer the year before.

Brain Surgery on the Temporal lobe went ahead, and then she was then put through post-op treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which went on until early 2017. Since then, Freyja says it’s been a learning curve to keep focus and work through her concentration and reconstruction of the language (primarily nouns) and memory loss.

‘Made for Life has a strong organic, and natural ingredient life approach pushed through to ingredients that made me feel not only normal through heavy hits like chemo life, but lets you feels like you’re ahead of the game. It gives you easy understanding to its content and production, opening the door to a positive and manageable aspect to enhance your general health to avoid or get through cancer. Standard ‘organic’ labelled skincare only related to actual organic if it has a Soil Association label, and there are only rare products that are actually 100% organic that are allowed to use through cancer treatment.”
“The first thing to know is according to EU law, unlike food and drink, there’s no actual legislation when it comes to beauty products. This means that, as consumers, we can be easily fooled into thinking that the “natural” or “organic” skincare product that we’ve chosen is packed with natural ingredients, rather than chemical nasties.”  Good Spa Guide
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Freyja after the Brain Tumour Operation

Back in the day, Freyja studied strongly (Biological Sciences, followed by Law) and travelled galore, not only personal understanding from documents, she was remarkably lucky to be strongly connected to both neuroscientists who helped her further through her cancer hit, but the emotional side of losing her husband was a huge learning curve to understand and settle with what she was going through. All of these aspects were incredible for her to push into an app, and give a starting step to the public to strengthen their home health through recipes, nutrition and understanding of how to unearth authorised research.

Wholesome World is a life approach to enhance your general health.

It beautifully contains a collection of recipes, nutritional information and lifestyle resources from medical research to nutritional, physical and mental health.
The app also has a selection of resources including authorised medical information for any health condition.
It simplifies the research and effort required for anyone that wants to have control of their health.
You can find Made for Life Organics in the ‘Links’ sector of the App, both the skincare, cancer charity links.

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Freyja’s favourite products are the Age Well Intensive Moisturising Balm alongside the Restorative Body Balm. Both used effectively through treatment and solidly before, during, and after cancer treatment. ‘Well loved’.”

Restorative Body BalmAge Well Intensive Moisturising BalmDaily Rejuvenating Face Oil

The most important step for her, post treatment, is to share her health research in the easiest most simple and delicious way. So she created her Wholesome World App.

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A Health and Wellbeing app led by authorised recipes, nutrition and both lifestyle and approved scientific information

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