Propolis Cera

Propolis or ‘bee glue’ is a resinous mixture honey bees produce by mixing beeswax, saliva and substances from other plant pores gathered from tree buds or sap flows.

From the Greek meaning “to protect the town” propolis is produced by bees to sterilize and protect the hive nursery from infection.

It is effective against many types of bacterial infection and is especially useful when treating acne, inflamed spots and cuts and grazes that won’t heal.

It is also useful in more severe case of psoriasis where calendula is not sufficient.


Can help speed up healing of minor burns

It’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties means it also speeds up healing of other wounds like minor cuts

Effective in reducing signs of cold sores

Can reduce appearance of wrinkles and smooth skin out

Heals blemishes to clear complexion

Natural sealant that also helps to maintain a more vibrant complexion


Sore Skin Relief Balm