Citrus aurantium dulcis

Oranges originated aroud 4000 BC in Southeast Asia, from which they spread to India.

Sweet oranges are a hybrid of ‘chinese grapefruit’ and the tangerine.

The sweet orange oil that we use in our products is derived from the outer peel of the common orange fruit, which has been highly sought after for ages due to it’s immune-boosting powers.

Research is still being undergone but orange oil has been shown to have cancer-fighting abilities – limonene, a monocyclic monoterpene, is present in orange peel and monoterpenes have been shown to be very effective chemo-preventive agents against tumour growth.


Provides relief from inflammation

Relaxes muscular and nervous spasms

Inhibits microbial growth and disinfects wounds

Boosts immunity

Cures acne and dermatitis

Alleviates anger, anxiety and depression


Daily Replenish & Protect Facial Moisturising Balm

Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Oil

Soft Touch Intensive Hand Balm