Olea europaea

The highest quality of olive oil is Extra Virgin – this is the oil that is collected from the first pressing of the hard, unripe olives – and it’s what we use in our products.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is heavy and rich with a darkish yellow-green colour and a fruity, peppery aroma.

Olive Oil has long been recognised as a multi-talking, beauty super-food – the Egyptians used it as a head and hair treatment and it was a valuable medicine
in the hands of Greek doctors, Hippocrates mentions 60 different conditions that can be treated with it!

Even the infamous Greek poet, Homer, described this amazing base for our products as ‘liquid gold’ – so it must be good!


Olive oil has the ability to moisturise and relieve the skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful rays

It closely mirrors the skins natural sebum content, it allows the skin to regain its balance naturally, whether dehydrated or oily

Preventative of heart disease and gentle laxative to aid digestive system

Actively heals stretch marks and acne scars

Has been used for centuries as an inuction to alleviate rheumatic pain


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Brightening Facial Exfoliator

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Head & Hair Treatment Oil

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