Eugenia caryophyllus

Clove is the dried bud of an evergreen plant called Syzygium aromaticum, that grows most commonly in tropical and sub-tropical conditions.

Native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia, cloves can be used in many different ways and are a common type of spice that is extensively used in food and cooking.

Here at Made for Life, we use clove for a different purpose – pampering your skin!

Renowned for an array of beauty-boosting and medicinal characteristics, clove can do no wrong.


It’s warming properties act to stimulate the skin

Mild anaesthetic properties calm skin it if it is sore or inflamed

The aroma soothes the senses and relieves stress in the body

It is particularly effective on acne, blemishes and scarring due to it’s antimicrobial nature and richness in antioxidants


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