Salvia scarea

The name for this flower originates from it’s translation in the Middle Ages – ‘clary’, derived from the Latin ‘clarus’ means clear.

This beautiful botanical is an organic skin regulator; reducing inflamation and balancing your natural oil production.

Clary Sage is one of those wonderful herbs with a high ester compostion; meaning that it is reactive to your body (like Roman Chamomile) and will provide the correct level of personal therapy for each individual as it responds to your specific needs.

And, it’s an aphrodesiac…


Can be used as a mild sedative and has anti-fungal and skin toning properties

The antiseptic qualities can protect the body during periods of surgical recovery and in all varieties of wounds that are hotspots for infection

The ester present – linyl acetate – reduces skin inflammation and heals rashes.

Balances and regulates production of natural oils in the skin, tackling both oily and dry skin, and leaving behind a beautiful complexion.

Can induce feelings of immense joy, confidence and pleasure – perfect for helping depression or chronic stress and anxiety.


Daily Radiance Facial Cleansing Balm

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