For World Health Day, we are hearing from Amanda Winwood, founder and MD of Made for Life Organics. Amanda developed the Made for Life philosophy with a focus on healthy living and looking after the world in which we live in.

Wellbeing is at the centre of everything Made for Life does.

“Made for Life Organics is based in the heart of Cornwall and we are surrounded by wide open country and the sea. We love where we live. That’s why we are 100% committed to the use of only organic ingredients in our skincare – and we have been since we started in 2003!

The team at Made for Life Organics believe that our personal health is inextricably linked to nature. There is extensive documented research from The University of Plymouth, who we work with to underpin this and is why we feel the need to care for the environment in every way we can, as it will then care for us.

Our focus is on how we can care about the environment to care for ourselves and make conscious decisions from the food we eat to the products we use on our skin.

Why is Organic better?

Why do we love organic within our business? Did you know that over 16,500 tonnes of pesticide were sprayed over crops in the UK in 2016 to kill insects and control crop disease? And we wonder why our bee population is devastated!

We wonder why our health is deteriorating, yet in 2017 government tests found that pesticide residues were in 47% of British food. 

By choosing organic food and skincare, you can simply reduce your exposure to pesticide residue. In addition, organic plants have been tested and are shown to be higher in phytonutrients which nourish you at a cellular level improving your health and fighting toxins. 

Pesticides don’t just kill pests. They affect the wildlife and disrupt our ecosystem.  We think that potentially there is a lack of awareness that over 300 pesticides are used in non-organic farming methods. Organic farming does not permit the use of any synthetic pesticides and herbicides such as Glyphosate which has been linked to cancer and is now banned. 

If all farming in the UK was organic the use of pesticides would reduce by 98%! Wildlife thrives on organic land and farms and as humans we thrive as well. 

Made for Life Organics cares deeply about your health and the health of the planet too. We gently take organic ingredients, infuse and blend them to make our skincare to nourish and protect your body.

Made for Life Organics products are made using only 100% organic ingredients .... to protect you and our world.  

So, on World Health Day we ask you to look after yourself... naturally. 


What you can expect from us … ALWAYS
We only use 100% organic and natural ingredients which are sustainably sourced
We will NEVER test on animals and will always have animal welfare at our heart.
We will continue to innovate and grow our range to provide you with access to 100% Organic Wellbeing.
We promise that we will never include any of the following in our products:
NO SLS | NO parabens | NO GM ingredients | NO artificial colours or fragrance | NO Palm Oil