It’s that time of year when we turn up the heating. Here are a few quick tips to keep your skin healthy and moisturised throughout the coming colder months.


Use a face oil

If you’re not used to using oil on your skin, now might be a good time to try as face oils, such as our Rejuvenating Daily Face Oil add a protective layer to help the skin retain moisture as well as helping your skin to balance sebum production.


Boost your moisturising routine

If you use face oils, you’ll be used to using just a tiny amount, ideally at night when the skin produces less sebum. If your skin is beginning to feel drier at this time of year, it is usually because the heating at home or in the car or office is drying out your skin more quickly than normal. Increase the number of times that you add a few drops of face oil or balm to your face, for example to twice daily, moving and evening, instead of at night, rather than being tempted to add more oil at one time.



Dried out skin means that there are more dead skin cells clogging your skin and making your skin duller and possibly prone to breakouts. Exfoliating with a microbe free exfoliator, such as our Brightening Facial Exfoliator which has calendular stamen to gently slough away dead skin cells can help to clear your skin and allow it to absorb the oil it needs to be moisturised. Don’t exfoliate too much, however, as you might overstimulate skin which is already weaker for being dry. Once a week with our product is usually enough.


Use propolis for cracked and sore skin

Sometimes the problem can be that skin dries out so quickly that you get cracked and sore skin, and some skincare products can worsen this. Stick to organic skincare, which has fewer irritants, and try an oil based balm with propels which is a botanical used effectively for centuries to heal sore skin. Our Sore Skin Relief balm comes in a smaller sample that you can try.


Drink up

No amount of skincare can compensate for not drinking enough water. Opt for soothing herbals teas instead of dehydrating caffeine based drinks and always have a jug of water on the go.