The days are colder and the nights are long. Now is a good time to really nurture yourself with a night in, enjoying a lovely warm bath, some relaxing scented body oils and a little you time to  really nourish your skin and nurture yourself.


Here is our top to toe pampering ritual, ideal for a winter pick-me-up.


Step one: Run yourself a lovely warm bath

A hot bath, about two degrees warmer than body temperature is ideal at this time of year to help fend off colds, studies show. A 20 minute soak can also reduce your blood sugar levels and improve your cardiovascular health. Candles will make the bath even more relaxing. Keep an eye out for our lovely new organic candles, scented with ylang ylang, lavender and geranium and rose and vanilla. Put some big fluffy towels and a dressing gown to warm on the radiator. 


Step two: Give yourself a head massage.

Gently massage some Head and Hair oil into your scalp by adding a little to your fingertips and making small, gentle circles. Start at the base of your hairline on your neck and move up over the top of your head, then repeat at the side of your head above your ears. Then gently add a small amount pulling your fingers gently through to the tips of your hair. Bundle it up if necessary and leave to work it’s magic while you enjoy the next phase of pampering.


Above: Embrace The Day Body Scrub, £29


Step three: Scrub up

Before you get into the bath, put on our bodyscrub.Our Embrace the Day Body Scrub combines two grades of sugar to exfoliate and remove dry skin, whilst calendula petals provide a gentle smoothing body polish. It also contains organic oils, including wheatgerm and uplifting lemongrass oil, which work with cocoa butter to invigorate blood circulation and moisturise the skin. This is particularly important in the autumn when heating can lead to dry skin.  Apply the scrub while standing on a towel, so that all the excess sugars and calendula petals fall onto the towel.  You can then scatter them into your bath just before you get in. Gently exfoliate and nourish your skin with a body scrub. Add a little to your fingertips and slowly and gently apply in small circular motions working from the soles of your feet, up over your ankles, to your knees and thighs and then down from your neckline and shoulders, and over your tummy. 

Then step into the bath, lie back and relax — 20 minutes is an ideal time to enjoy your bath before your skin starts to dry — if your skin begins to wrinkle it’s time to come out!


If you exfoliate your breasts this way once a week, it’s a good way to familiarise yourself with your body and have a regular checking system in place so you notice if there are any unfamiliar lumps or bumps.


Step four: Shower power

Let your bath out and have a quick shower to rinse off the body scrub. Use a gentle shampoo, rubbing in circular motions over your whole scalp and through your hair to remove any excess hair oil. You don’t need a conditioner. Then wrap yourself up in the warmed towels and dressing gown.


Step five: Treat your feet

Dry your feet thoroughly and gently massage some Soothing Leg and Foot Balm into the soles and heels of your feet as well as over and between the toes. Cooling peppermint and calming lavender help to care for your feet by stimulating circulation and the antibacterial properties help keep your feet healthy and prevent foot odour.


Step six: Time for some body oil

Just after your bath or shower is the ideal time to gently massage in some Softening Body Oil, whilst your skin is still warm. You don’t need much! Take a small amount in your hands and gently massage in circular motions from your toes upwards, and your shoulders downwards, towards the heart to encourage good blood circulation. Our Softening Body Oil contains sweet almond and wheatgerm oils to soften, hydrate and nourish your skin. Vitamins D and E repairs dry and damaged skin, while green mandarin helps to improve elasticity leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth.

Now is an ideal time to snuggle up with a great book or a movie. Enjoy.