What products are best for dry skin? These are the products you need in your daily skincare routine.
There’s no two ways about it, when the weather gets cold and the temperature drops, your skin is the first to feel the effect. That combined with the heating being cranked up can leave your skin feeling extremely dry wanting a solution that will work – fast!
So, which product is best for dry skin? We’ve put together our Top Five 100% organic Made for Life skincare products to keep your skin looking and feeling great this winter.


1. Soothe & Nourish Lip Balm - £9

Chapped lips can be the most painful side effect from cold weather, so keeping them moisturised is high on the priority list. Our 100% organic sumptuous lip balm works on three levels; coconut oil softens and moisturises, cinnamon leaf plumps and beeswax provides a protective barrier. Result: beautiful, healthy and happy lips!

100% Organic Lip Balm

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2. Skin Solve Balm - from £25

We like to call our Skin Solve Balm a ‘miracle in a jar’ – because it really can solve any skin issue. The functional and multi-use 100% organic balm made with Calendula can help soothe skin irritations including eczema, rashes and dry, dehydrated skin. So when the cold snap hits and those dry patches appear, this is ALWAYS our go-to moisturiser.

100% Organic Skin Solve Balm

*Top Tip* – Use our Skin Solve Balm as a face mask at least once or twice a week for a deep treatment. Apply a thick layer all over the face in the evening, sit back relax and let the balm work its magic. For best results, leave overnight and wake up to soft and nourished skin.


3. Age Well Intensive Moisturising Balm - £52

When your Face Oil isn’t quite cutting the mustard and you need that extra bit of moisture for your face, our 100% organic Age Well Intensive Moisturising Balm will keep your face truly nourished – with the added benefit of helping with fine-lines and wrinkles.

100% Organic Age Well Intensive Moisturising Balm  

How to use? This balm can used day or night and sits perfectly under makeup. Remember a little goes a long way with this product.


4. Daily Radiance Facial Cleansing Balm - from £32

We all know that face wipes are bad for the environment, and can often leave your face feeling extremely dry and tight. So why not give yourself a ‘spa at home treatment’ with our 100% organic Cleansing Balm. Take a small amount and rub between your hands to warm up, then apply all over the face, paying particular attention around the eyes to remove all makeup. Run your muslin cloth* under hot water, wring dry then take off the balm and melted makeup. The Balm will leave your skin feeling nourished and beautifully clean. Pure bliss!

100% Organic Cleansing Balm

*An added treat, our 100ml size cleanser always comes with an organic muslin cloth! Or you can purchase them separately for just £3.


5. Soft Touch Intensive Hand Balm - £22

The two main parts of the skin that are exposed to the elements are our face and hands, so that’s why using a Hand Balm regularly, particularly during the winter months, is so important. Our 100% organic Hand Balm is made with Sweet Organic and Ylang Ylang essential oils and the Intensive hydration is perfect for dry and busy hands.

100% Organic Hand Balm

Why not shop the Hand me a Kiss set in our January Sale and get our 10ml Lip Balm and 10ml Hand Balm for just £9.60*! Limited time only.