Every so often we get a letter or email that makes us feel happy and proud that our lovely products help so many people. But this letter that we received this week from Joe, about his son Harry has us all in tears. Have a read, and do share it if you think this ‘wonder ointment’ might help someone else you know.

Amanda xx

Dear Made for Life Team,
As some of you may be aware I have been friends with Amanda for some time now. I always value her opinion (especially when she is telling me what to do) but, when it came to my son and his skin when he was born I didn't act quickly enough on her advice. Something Amanda will always have one up on me for!
My son Harry was born with bad skin to say the least. However after 2 months he had deteriorated to the point the doctors actually prescribed him hydrocortisone cream for his face. Harry had infected eczema on both his cheeks with weeping sores. He was unable to feed because of the pain he was in.

We have photos of the sores but you don't need to see these as this is not intended as a plea for sympathy. He couldn't sleep and would only feed enough to the point the pain in his cheeks outweighed the pain in his stomach. We even ended up on a couple of occasions in the paediatric ward to get some fluid into him. I could go on with the concerns but to put it into perspective for you, this little boy got chicken pox at 6 months, severely, all over his body and face and he didn't miss a beat. In fact Harry couldn't have been less bothered by them!
So the above passage sets the scene for what, on reflection was a very traumatic time. Neither my wife nor I were getting any sleep, but most importantly things were terrible for Harry. He had to spend the first five months of his life with open wounds on his face and never feeling full after a feed because of the pain. He had every medicated treatment known to us applied to his skin from porridge oats in the bath to hydrocortisone cream applied to his face. Things became pretty desperate.
Through all this we kept referring to Facebook. This is where Amanda had suggested we come and meet with you guys at Made for Life Organics. Now I'm not backward in coming forward if you know what I mean! I have had plenty of conversations about organic products over drugs or medication. After all most medication is derived of plant extract in the first instance. I'm also not saying that natural or organic remedies suit all situations, I wouldn't want major surgery with only ointment to numb the pain. Sorry if I'm sounding too facetious.
After five months of pain and all remedies we have been given by the doctors and other friends we were at Amanda's for a cup of tea / glass of bubbles. She very kindly persuaded me to put a small amount of Calendula Ointment behind Harry's ear to check if he reacted to it (this is one of those occasions where I was in fact told what to do). I trust Amanda implicitly and she gave us the rest of what I can only describe as her 'bed time routine pot of wonder ointment'. At this point I still very much so had my reservations, as I hope you can understand we had tried a plethora of items none of which had worked.
The following morning Harry showed no signs of reaction to the Skin Solve with calendula ointment, so my wife applied it to Harry'e cheeks. My still trying to wake up quote, to the best of my memory was: “well one more heeby jeeby product can't do any more damage can it but don't get your hopes up” OH HOW WRONG I WAS!
Within 24 hours of applying the Skin Solve balm with Calendula Harry was able to feed for more than a minute or two. Within 48 hours his sores and dried up and even healed to the point it looked more like a little dry skin. To say I was dumbfounded would be an understatement! I will forever be indebted to Amanda and more importantly the team at Spiezia Organics for this wonder ointment. My little boy went from pain to calm in less than a day.
This is where I would love to say my naivety, even arrogance ended. But...
By the time Harry was 18 months old we had been applying the calendula balm up to 5 times a week, he was a happy little boy who didn't suffer with his skin anymore. Then the calendula balm ran out just before his second birthday. For one reason or another we didn't replace it. We went back to using, with an equal cost, over the counter eczema creams and ointments. Within 2 weeks we couldn't work out why Harry wasn't sleeping again. Why he wouldn't lie down to get dressed properly. Everything he had previously been doing so well.
Then it dawned on my wife and I. It couldn't be that simple surely. He wasn't a baby anymore why would one product over another make this much difference?
Yes, yes it was that simple. We bought another pot of calendula ointment and that night after bath time covered Harry in it. He lay still for 20 minutes as we massaged it into his skin, he even let us know that we forgot his feet... three times!
So after all my ramblings, I take my hat off to you and raise as many glasses of champagne as I can before I fall over to the great products and work you all do. This little pot of wonder ointment gave my son a childhood believe it or not that no other medication could.
From my wife and I, but most importantly from Harry, THANK YOU, you guys are amazing (well your products are!)
Kind regards
Joe M, a grateful father of a grateful son.

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