It’s that time of year for Wimbledon, strawberries and cream and time to spend just a little bit of each day dreaming about a summer holiday somewhere lovely. Whether you’re escaping for a weekend in the country, or flying somewhere gorgeous, we’ve got a little takeaway beauty regime that will help you feel truly spoiled and utterly relaxed and rejuvenated while you’re away.


Skincare oils — a little goes a long way

When you use oils, rather than lotions, a tiny amount is enough to nourish and balance the sebum production in your skin. The practical benefit of using skincare oils on holiday means that you don’t need to take much, so little in fact that the little 10ml bottles in our Made For Face and Made For Body Discovery sets can easily be carried in your hand luggage, meaning you can keep your skin well moisturised, soft and fragrant during a flight. These kits are not just great for holidays, as you need to use so little, the balms and oils will last for months.


Prepare to bare 

It’s worth starting your holiday skincare regime a little before your holiday of course, to make sure your skin looks and feels gorgeous.  Our Brightening Facial Exfoliator, which you can find in our Made For Face Discovery set is fantastic for smoothing your skin so you have a clear, glowing complexion, all ready for the beach, or this summer’s big wedding weekend. Our Restorative Body Balm, which is included in our Made For Body Discovery set helps to improve elasticity of the skin and repair damaged tissue, ensuring your skin is healthy and supple and well prepared for summer. 


Find your balance

If you are heading somewhere sunny, the change in temperature can cause oily skin, because heat causes an increase in sebum production. It can feel counter intuitive, but skincare oils are the best option as introducing a small amount of our Daily Facial Rejuvenating Oil to your face each day helps your skin to balance sebum production, reducing oiliness, blackheads and spots, while at the same time ensuring your skin is not dry. Our 100% organic oils also mean that they are ideal if your skin is sensitive, there are no nasty chemicals in our products to irritate your skin.



And relax…

Sometimes with all the work involved in planning, packing, finishing work before we set off and general anxiety about travelling, we can end up feeling more stressed than ever when holidays come around. A really fast and simple answer is to simply take a few moments to sit quietly and breathe in herbal infusions which are known to have calming and relaxing effects. We have a wonderful new gift set Mindful Moments, which includes the Connect and Nurture bottle. This oil is infused with lavender, geranium and roman chamomile scents to evoke inner calm. If you are truly travelling light, the Soft Intensive Hand Balm in our Made For Body Discovery kit contains lavender to soothe and calm and rose geranium to ease anxiety. Simply rub a small pea sized amount on your hands, cup your hands around your face, and breathe…