Beat the frizz — summer hair tips


Ever wondered why summer often = crazy hair? Here’s the science bit…


It’s getting hot out there! And that, for many of us means big hair and often frizzy hair. But have your ever wondered why? Finding out is the key to using the right products and haircare regime to ensure that you are one of those cool and collected, unfrizzy people this summer!


The simple truth is that although we depend on water to wash our hair, in general, water is harmful to hair and considerably amplifies the many factors damaging it. 


In particular, water emphasises the damaging effects of sunlight. The sun’s rays damage melanin and bleach our hair. While this is happening the keratin in our hair, which keeps it strong and and hard to break is actually chemically altered. Our hair becomes more fragile and therefore easier to break. 


This of course explains why we get ‘beach’ hair but, also, in the summer in the UK, there is up to 20% more water vapour in the air simply because it is hotter — and our hair happily absorbs it.


Sunscreen for hair


Natural oils can to some extent soften damaged hair and reduce the frizziness, but they can never repair the damage completely. One tip we have picked up from surfer fans of Made For Life Organics is that they often use our Head and Hair Oil and even our Age Well Intensive Balm on the ends of their hair before they even go into the water. The natural, organic oils reduce the amount of water absorbed and therefore protect the hair from the double damage of water plus the sun.


Having said this, our carefully created Head and Hair Oil contains some pretty amazing natural ingredients, including extracts from the horsetail plant and nettles. Research shows that silica in horsetail may help to promote hair growth, to strengthen hair and that they may also help to reduce dandruff and split ends. Nettle extract which is infused into the oil is also used to promote hair regrowth and to combat hair loss as well as dandruff.


The Head and Hair oil also contains burdock root oil. Modern studies indicate that Burdock root oil extract is rich in phytosterols, a fatty acid, rich in the required for healthy scalp and natural hair growth. The jojoba and olive oils in our Head and Hair Oil are rich in vitamins D and E which help to reduce flaky skin and itchiness by bringing the skin back to its natural balance.


Natural gloss


Everyone’s hair is different, some hair is stronger and less prone to summer frizz, but one thing we do know is that by regularly massaging the scalp, especially with the extracts we use in our Head and Hair Oil, healthy hair growth is stimulated, resulting in your hair, day by day, becoming naturally glossier and stronger, resulting in less future frizz.


The sit back and relax bit…


Use the Head & Hair Oil while your hair is dry. Pour about half a capful of oil into the palm of your hand and then start massaging your scalp with your fingertips, working the oil into the hair and paying special attention to the ends which are prone to dryness and splitting. Leave in the hair for about 20 minutes before washing out, or, for a deeper treatment cover the hair in a towel and leave overnight before washing out the next morning. To wash the oil out, shampoo the hair whilst it is still dry and then wash the hair with warm water.


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