If you’ve ever wondered why all quick snacks seem to be unhealthy, you will love this wonderful, ethical company which offers natural, healthy, great tasting foods including nutritional and affordable snacks, dressings, sauces and vinegars. Their products are based on simple and nourishing ingredients without compromise.


Soul Food Collective offers a convenient organic snacking products including organic freeze dried fruit products coated in organic and Fairtrade Belgian chocolate. The dark chocolate offers natural health benefits from the naturally occurring polyphenols and flavonoids.


Their organic chocolate coated soya beans have undergone a patented roasting process which offers fat free roasting. They contain 40% less fat than nuts with 40% protein. The pumpkin seeds are only slightly roasted, and combine exquisitely with the intense dark chocolate to give a healthy, indulgent snack.


The organic snacking range includes:

Amarena cherries coated in dark chocolate

Mixed berries coated in mixed chocolate

Raspberries coated in dark chocolate

Strawberries coated in berry & dark chocolate

Pumpkin seeds coated in dark chocolate

Soya beans coated in dark chocolate

Snacks, vinegars and hot sauces will be available to order online soon.

Find out more at: www.soulfoodcollective.co.uk


Please note the competition to win Soul Food Collective snacks has now ended and we are contacting the winners. We will notify all entrants of the winner details. Thanks to all those who entered.