We are delighted to present our first blog from Sonia Wisinger who was one of the presenters at SpaFest 2017. Sonia is the founder of Wisinger – Fasting, Nutrition & Wellbeing and is a medically tested fasting coach with almost two decades of experience in various types of extended and intermittent fasts.

Sonia captured the audience attention at SpaFest and is a big advocate of clean eating and organic. Here is her view on New Year's Resolutions.....


Sonia Wisinger

January – for me, is always an exciting new beginning!

I read a lot of criticism about New Year Resolutions on social media this year … that they are outdated and put on unnecessary pressure.

I never see it in that way – for me it is a tradition that comes with the New Year and it can be a wonderful thing enriching your life by trying new things!

The key to success for me is to attempt small lifestyle changes during that time. The one I want to share with you today is quite manageable as you do it only 2-3 times a week – it is a form of intermittent fasting and it is called DINNER CANCELLING (DC).

Originally promoted by the Anti-Ageing movement, it is THE tool for better ageing!

During the process of DC your body rids itself of malign cells (a process called Apoptosis), and it will help release Melatonin and Serotonin for a better night’s sleep, recovery and a better mood. It will improve your skin and help with your waist management.

Now, we are creatures of habit and your body will demand its dinner at the usual time the first 2-3 times you try it. Don’t give up – it will get easier and it is so worth it. Just look yourself into the mirror the next morning - it is a fountain of youth!


My top 5 tips on how to dinner cancel successfully

1. Have a nourishing breakfast and lunch full of good quality protein, healthy fats, some complex carbs and plenty of vegetables

2. Stop eating by 4pm

3. 2 hours before your usual dinner time start drinking hot water or diluted organic herbal teas to trick your stomach to feel full

4. Use your DC evening for self-care. Have a bath with Epsom salts and lavender oil to relax and indulge in a piece of music you haven’t heard in a long time. Maybe do some yoga practise, read a novel or treat yourself to a body brush.

5. Go to bed early. Breakfast will be available for you at 8am and it will taste marvellous, I promise!

Find out more about Sonia www.wisinger.co.uk


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