"During my work I have the absolute privilege of meeting some incredible people. Some of whom are embarking on their own journey of finding out what this world offers them.

My trip to Scotland included meeting some very special people and I share these suggestions that I shared with them to anyone out there who needs some support.They were inspired whilst I traveled back from Arran.

1) Stand in front of the mirror and take 3 really deep breaths, from the belly. Hold, release and say to yourself. This is MY time to heal, recover and understand who I am. I commit fully to living in this moment and enjoying the outcome.

2) Put away your mobile phone, (go on....switch it off!!) gaze into the eyes of those you love and tell them how you feel. Tell them how much you love and care for them. Do that with purpose and be absolutely in that moment. Share a moment. Hold their hand. Be loved and love.

3) Go and buy one single book on something you really want to learn more about. Commit to give yourself time and space every day in a quiet space to just be and read...quietly and with focus and intent. Write notes. Absorb. Learn.

4) Envision how you want to be. Look in the mirror and feel yourself become that person.

5) Hug and be hugged. Smile and be smiled at. Breathe slowly and softly and understand your purpose.

Remember we are all gifted. We all choose our attitude. We all have the world at your feet. Choose wisely."