If you have oily or combination skin, you might instinctively avoid face oils. But when chosen and used in the right way, a good organic face oil can help you achieve a clear, balanced complexion


Here are a few tips to help…


Choose the right oil

Choosing an oil which mimics the skin’s natural sebum is very important, this is because it will result in your skin not being stimulated to produce too much oil.

Jojoba oil is great because it’s molecular structure is very similar to the natural sebum produced by our own skin. This is why we use it as a carrier oil in our Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil. It balances your natural production of sebum. Rose oil is also a wonderful product for oily, acne prone skin, said to help with depression too. Vanilla oil which is also in the Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil has antibacterial properties, helping any breakouts to heal, as well as being a wonderfully relaxing fragrance.


Gently exfoliate before you apply

A gentle microbead free exfoliator can help to clear clogged pores and to allow your skin to absorb the oil it needs. Try our Brightening Facial Exfoliator. This also contains coconut oil which has antibacterial properties to help heal breakouts, and chamomile stamens which very gently exfoliate your skin, naturally.


Use the oil sparingly, just once a day

If you have combination or dry skin, you can use face oil more than once a day on dry areas, but for those areas which are oily, just a few drops rubbed into your fingertips and gently applied to the area are all you need. The oil should be absorbed quickly, if it sits on your skin, you have used too much. The best part about this of course is that it means your face oil will last for ages.


Use it at night

It is tempting to apply the oil in the morning so your skin is soft before you apply make-up, but actually, your skin produces less sebum at night, so this is a great time to apply the face oil. Give yourself a gentle face massage as you apply, just before you go to sleep.