When you choose organic you promote organic farming and that means that our rivers and seas are not affected by pesticides washed off the land.

It means that there are no microbeads in scrubs which have now been banned in the USA and will soon bebanned in the UK due to the incredibly negative impact they have had on the biodiversity of the rivers, lakes and seas. Microbeads are in shower gels, face scrubs and even toothpaste. They are not filtered by sewage systems so they flow into our rivers and seas. Fish are eating microbeads and mutating.

But guess what? We eat those fish, so we eat plastic microbeads that may have been in our skincare products.
Is that a healthy or informed choice?

Choosing organic means cleaner oceans with a healthy and diverse ecosystem from seaweed and coral beds to the fish and mammals that are part of the world and an essential food source. 

Our luxurious award winning Embrace the Day Body Scrub combines two grades of sugar to exfoliate and remove dry skin whilst calendula petals provide a gentle smoothing body polish. Leaving no trace.  

Good for you. Good for the planet.