Your skin reflects your state of health and well-being. Every day of your life, pollution, grime, and dust attach themselves to the surface of your skin.

However, in winter, the skin is covered up and does not get the same chance to breathe.  Dry heat in houses, offices and cars also means the skin gets dehydrated, leaving us and therefore our skin looking sluggish instead of bright and shining.  We are prone to exercise less which does not stimulate our metabolism as well. So, as we get ready for winter it is time to think about Health generally.  Our skin will glow healthily when we look after our mind and body too.


Here are my top tips:

1)    Drink lots of water for good health: We tend to drink less water during the Winter months, but the rule of hydration for good health does not change. Carrying a bottle of water for those energizing winter runs or walks is essential. Warming herbal teas also help to hydrate too and are packed with essential antioxidants to help boost your immune system.

2)    Skip the hot baths – it may be tempting to relax every night in a streaming hot bath during those winter evenings but to energise and keep skin and hair fresh, a lukewarm bath or shower is the key. A handful of oatmeal or baking soda in the bath offer great solutions for soothing dry skin.  Always use pH neutral moisturising soap.

3)     Exfoliate regularly – body and face. Taking time to exfoliate means you eliminate congestion, returning normal moisture to the skin and restoring natural luminosity and radiance. The skin is a living organism - the outer layer of our skin is approximately 2 sq metres.  The benefits of exfoliating are amazing and will detoxify impurities from the skin.  Exfoliating helps the condition of the skin itself, by whisking away the build-up of dead skin cells, (skin cells are renewed every 27 days) on the surface and also stimulates lymphatic drainage.

4)    Lips, Hands and Feet:  Pay special attention to the exposed parts (and the most affected areas) like your hands, nails, feet and lips. Keep them well moisturised at all times. Use a lip balm to keep your lips soft and supple. Lip balm with SPF works better. Even if you have oily skin, use light moisturising lotions after cleansing to keep the skin soft.  Remember your hands too - the skin on your hands is thinner and has fewer oil glands than many other parts of the body. Keep some moisturising balm handy, apply regularly and pop on a pair of gloves when outside.

5)    Moisturise More: Your skin needs more moisture in the winter.  You may find that your light summer moisturisation does not deliver the same results and your skin feels drier.  Choose a moisturizer during the day with an SPF to keep those UV rays at bay. Not too high – we need that Vitamin D to help raise our immune system! Choose a good, oil-based moisturiser to keep the skin moisturised and soft.

6)    Take your Vitamins and boost your immune!  Vitamin C although it will not cure a cold will be a great preventive measure. Iron is also great and is more easily absorbed when taken with Vitamin C.  Vitamin A will also boost your immune and improve tissue repair. Ensure you do not exceed the recommended daily allowance and if you can aim to get the necessary vitamins through a great diet rich in fruit, pulses, vegetables and fish.

7)    Health from within: A beautiful skin is a healthy skin.  It is easy to opt for slumping in front of the TV with snacks in the winter.  Eat nutritious healthy seasonal food and enjoy the great outdoors or a trip to the Gym with friends.  These activities will boost your endorphins, lift your spirits and ensure you will feel great (with your friends too!) Don’t hibernate aka Bridget Jones – Spring is just around the Corner – go out and be happy!