As an Ethically Accredited company, we can be pretty picky about who we work with. Our Soil Association 100% organic certification and dedication to sustainability mean we take a lot of care in the provenance of our suppliers, but we are equally careful in choosing the services we use. While we try to keep our printed materials as limited as we can, we do sometimes need tangible, printed items, and for us, it has been really important that we use printers who follow sustainable practises.


One of the most highly regarded eco-friendly printers is a company called Nationwide Print which is  based in Cornwall, where we are also based. We’ve been really thrilled to work with managing director Julian Hocking and his team. The print company has been in Julian’s family since the 1930’s, but this is a very forward thinking company.


As well as being excellent, award-winning printers, they are of course, approved by the Forestry Steward Council (FSC). FSC certification ensures that products (i.e. paper) come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 


But Nationwide Print go above and beyond that. With recent investments in solar panels, a modern LED lighting system which has reduced energy usage by 75% and more recently, cedar cladding their offices, the team have actually reached a state where they produce more energy than they use. “Sustainability and the responsible use of resources is a core value for us,” says Julian. “It’s important for us, as an energy intensive business, but we feel all businesses have a responsibility to tackle these issues. That’s one of the reasons we love working with clients like Made for Life Organics — our values are aligned.”  For more information visit