When it comes to helping mums take good care of themselves, Wendy Powell is definitely the lady who knows. An internationally recognised expert and speaker on postnatal recovery and exercise, Wendy is founder and CEO of Mu Tu® System, a medically approved and multiple award-winning online fitness programme for women who want their bodies to look, feel and function better.


As Mother's Day approaches on March 26, Wendy has some advice for mums on nurturing themselves in what is often a very busy world.



There’s nothing self-indulgent about wanting to feel a connection to your body and to feel good and healthy in your own skin.

As mothers it’s kind of part of the job description to put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own, or maybe it’s just instinct? Either way, we’re hard-wired to accept second best when it comes to our own self care, and it’s detrimental to our recovery.

When we grow and birth babies, our bodies go through a heck of a lot and we just carry on, because we’re kinda badass like that! But the thing is we can and should take steps to assist and help our body to heal in the best way possible. Let me give you my top tips:

#1 Heal with food 

As a mother, you especially, should tap into the healing power of food. Our bodies are incredible and work to heal all by themselves, but we can do so much more to help and aid recovery. Choose only nutritious food for the family dinner table, cram in the green veggies, organic grass fed meats, bone broth, oily fish, and good fats. All of these power foods will assist your body to heal in the best way it can.

#2 Make time  

Let’s face it, us mums don’t really have ‘spare time’. It’s a myth! So you must MAKE time for self care. Set aside time each day to focus on you, to meditate, go for a walk, exercise, pamper yourself. Feel more like you again.

#3 Walk

Get outside and walk every single day. Walking is so underrated. It’s great for alignment and core restoration post-baby. It’s also just simply good for the soul and a great way to spend time with the kids whilst wearing them out. Two birds, one stone! I go into more detail on alignment and postpartum recovery here.

#4 Reconnect with your body

A lot of mums that I meet are disheartened, lost and a little disconnected from their own body. Emotional connection between your mind and body is vital, if there's no connection, how can your body function properly? Start by being kinder to yourself, recognise the amazing things your body has done for you. Spend time each day applying your favourite body balm, make time to move your body, stretch and exercise.


#5 Know you deserve a body that works

Don’t put up with or accept nagging symptoms just because you’re a mum. Each and every one of us deserves a body that functions properly. An aching back, weak core and leaky undercarriage are not okay and shouldn’t be ignored. I work with tens of thousands of women worldwide to help them feel happier and healthier, and to get a body that functions properly. Check out my MuTu System 12 Week programme, designed with busy mums in mind.

My advice is simple. Make time for you, nurture your body with natural foods and products only, and just be kinder to yourself.