Our skin, and the way it looks and feels is often the very first sign that our body is not as healthy as it could be. That is why is one simple, daily change in your skincare routine will help you not only to banish the toxic effects of whatever it is we are putting into or onto our bodies, but also to generally upgrade your health.


Mindfulness, simply put, is being present in the current moment, and paying attention to the small details and all the sensations that are happening right now. Put this into practise when you are performing your daily skincare regime and not only are you giving yourself time to nurture yourself, you are also giving yourself the gift of paying attention to your skin and what it is telling you about your current state of wellbeing.


Here are a few simple steps to introducing mindfulness into your daily skincare routine.

1. Make physical space for yourself

Often, cluttered spaces make for stress and reflect a cluttered, overburdened mind. Create one small area for yourself where you put the skincare products that you use each day close to a well lit area where you can relax and spend time applying this. Remember that it is your face that needs to be well-lit, not the mirror, and if you can adjust the lighting so it is more flattering (not directly overhead or from underneath, this will help. Simply putting LED lights around a mirror means you get even, well distributed light. It might just mean tidying the bathroom, even painting it, so you feel better being in the place. Having a relaxing space is a first step to creating a habit.


2. Start your skincare routine with three deep breaths

There is a reason that therapists begin rituals with deep breaths and this is because it not only relaxes your body, it also helps to alter your neurochemistry, reducing stress hormones and anxiety levels, helping you to feel calmer in body and spirit.  Breath in slowly, with a slightly longer exhale three times before you begin.


3. Take a moment to look at your skin

Before you apply cleanser, make a mental or even out loud verbal note, is your skin dry today, oily? Do you have breakouts, is it glowing or dull? Also take note of how your hair is looking. Consider all of that and how you feel right now. Are you tired, fretful, calm or happy? It’s all part of one whole picture that will help you to choose what you do next.


4. And breathe...

If you are using our Daily Radiance Facial Cleansing Balm, take care to apply just warm a small amount between your hands and breath in the aroma of the botanicals blended in the balm. It’s been described by beauty editors as ‘bottled sunshine’ and has decongesting as well as soothing properties. Clove and eucalyptus will detoxify whilst jojoba regulates your sebum and coconut oil softens, soothes and melts away impurities. Take note of the physical feelings of the balm as well as how your skin feels as you apply it.


5. Consider which moisturiser your skin needs

Remove your cleanser warm, a damp face cloth or a toner such as our Refresh and Clarify Facial Toner. Take a few moments to see how your skin has responded, and to think about which moisturiser would best suit your skin at this point. Dry skin suggests a more intensive balm such as our Age Well Intensive Moisturising Balm as well as more water intake during the day, perhaps a little less alcohol in the days ahead, and hydrating foods such as watermelon or celery, too. Irritated skin often needs  100% organic skincare, with no manmade chemicals to agitate the natural balance of your skin, or a soothing balm such as our Skin Solve Balm with soothing, organic calendula. If your skin feels a little too oily, a lighter moisturising balm, particularly oil, such as our Daily Replenish & Protect Moisturising Balm can help to rebalance your skin’s sebum production. Plenty of water plus exercise also gives your skin a natural detox, ridding it of congestants and boosting oxygen levels in your skin to give you a clearer, glowing complexion.

Once you’ve applied a little balm or moisturiser to your skin, take a few moments to really look at yourself. Often we see what we expect to see, but focus on how your skin actually is today. Our changing lives and environments mean that our body is in constant flux. Age will change us, as well as the stresses or joys of everyday life. Ask yourself this simple question each evening, and seek a genuine answer. How are you? And then make sure you give yourself what you need.



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