17-year-old Jamie Willmott suffered from severe acne. But the teenager from Cornwall has not let his skincare condition hold him back. Here he reveals how he cleared his skin and coped with the physical and emotional scars.

''After a long 3 years I am finally pain free!  Many teenagers have to cope with spots, but it is fair to say that mine were worse than most! From the age of 14, I suffered from a very rare condition called acne fulminans that has only occurred in 102 people in history worldwide. As the condition worsened, it wasn’t just the worries over my appearance that I had to cope with, but nights of bleeding and extreme pain. I would often have to have more than 15 dressings and plasters changed on my back.


Acne on Jamie's back



''I struggled a lot but somehow I still managed to pass all my GCSEs. There were times when I never thought that was going to be possible.  As well as acne I was struggling with weight, and I had very low self-confidence.

''But I had great support from my family and friends which helped me a lot. I changed my diet and began eating more healthily.

''I was eventually prescribed a drug called isotretinoin to help clear my acne. I also tried lots of creams, but I found that the Sore Skin Relief Balm by Made for Life Organics really helped to ease the pain caused by the acne and took down the swelling and the size! That stuff is incredible! The Age Well Intensive Moisturiser has also been helpful in reducing the scarring once the acne began to clear.

''I also took up rugby and got involved in musical theatre. In fact I’ll be singing with my college at the Albert Hall later this year.

''At this point in my life, I am feeling better than ever. I am studying four A Levels at college and looking forward to excting times ahead. I would like to say a massive “thank you” to those who have helped me along the way, because it has been a struggle, but I'm now happy and proud of my scars!''