What is Hygge?


Hygge is a word which more and more of us have seen this winter. Hygge, a Danish word (pronouced “hhyooguh”) is a beautiful concept, which is about embracing simple pleasures to fill a long, dark winter with peace, warmth and togetherness.


The word itself derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console,” which is related to the English word “hug.” With it’s links to hugging, and a mindful way of living it’s a concept that we love here at Made for Life Organics. Introducing a little hygge into your life is as straightforward as focussing on simple pleasures, enjoying the the warmth of a mug of hot chocolate, the shapes in flickering firelight, breathing in the scent of woodland on a brisk winter walk. Hygge is about warmth, friendship, sharing and calm.  


Here are a few suggestions to help you bring a little hygge into your life this winter.


1. Bake some Scandinavian cardamom buns & invite friends round to share them

These lightly spiced Scandinavian buns will fill your home with the wonderful warming scents of baking. They are an ideal focus for an after work get together to share stories and reconnect face to face with friends: Click here for a recipe


2. Start the weekend with an early morning country walk

Make the most of the fact that at this time of year, you don’t have to be up at silly o’clock to watch the sunrise. Pack yourself a flask of something warm and yummy and meet friends for an early morning walk to enjoy the peace and beauty of a winter dawn.


3. Make Mondays a day for a candlelit scented bath

If you find leaving the house early on Mondays a trial, reward yourself with a regular Monday night scented bath. Our organic Rose & Vanilla scented candles are wonderfully calming and relaxing. Add a little rose scented oil to your bath too. Our organic scented Daily Rejuvenating Face oil is ideal. Warm some soft towels ready for you to snuggle up in as you step out, and then nourish your skin with some moisturising oils, such as our Softening Body Oil. You can also try our lovely winter pampering ritual.


4. Enjoy cosy winter naps — whenever you like

Dark and dreary afternoons are an ideal time to cosy up with a good old fashioned paperback, in front of a roaring fire and to drift off into a wonderfully restorative snooze.


5. Make a winter bonfire

Do you remember toasting marshmallows or making dough sticks (or campfire twists) on open fires when you were little? It’s lots of fun and easy to do. Dig a little fire pit in your garden (or ask a friend if you need more space) and get together for an afternoon by the fire with some mulled cider, hot chocolate and homemade treats from the bonfire. You can find a good recipe for the campfire twists here.


6. Start a book club

It doesn’t have to be a book club of course, it could be a writer’s club or an old music appreciation society or a monthly potluck gathering to share winter feasts made from creative leftover recipes. Suggest the idea to friends at work you’d like to know better, mums at the school gates or friends who live nearby that you only ever chat to on social media. Start a little regular face to face gathering — there’s really nothing like them for building deeper friendships. Click here for  a little guide to starting a book club by Penguin