Many studies reveal that taking time off to travel not only gives us a rest from the day to day demands of work and valued time with family and friends, but also boosts our health, emotional state and general wellbeing.


But there is more that you can do to improve this natural boost. Here are a few simple tips to help you get the very best restorative effect from your break.


Remember the planning is part of the holiday

For some, the logistics of finding the right hotel, booking flights and just negotiating time off can be stressful. But if you adjust your state of mind, the actual planning of the trip can really send your happiness levels soaring. Get the tricky parts of knowing your budget and what dates you can book your holiday done first, then pencil in plenty of time to research your options. Then really savour the process of looking at potential locations, accommodation and things you can do, before you book the trip. After that, enjoy looking at photos of your chosen location and all the great things you can do when you get there.


Enjoy the journey

It’s an old saying about life, but just as important on holidays too. Getting there and back can sour your experience away. With a little extra planning you can book easy transfers from the airport to your accommodation, while reserving a place in a lounge at the airport is often really good value and makes the trip special. Finally, pack some treats for your journey, such as our little 10ml organic skincare goodies so you can look and feel wonderful when you arrive.


Plan your return before you leave

There’s a lot to do before you go away, but if you make sure you put clean bedding on your bed, stow a little bottle of wine and an easy, nutritious meal in the fridge for your return and get the house cleaned while you are away so it is refreshing to walk into again, you will avoid the stresses and lows that can come with the post-holiday blues.


Have a daily wellbeing ritual

Once you get away, breaking from daily routine gives you the ideal opportunity to build in holiday habits such as an early morning run or walk on the beach, some quiet time in the morning to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin and massage skincare oils into your body, and even an evening swim. Make sure you build a gentle, enjoyable activity and a little pampering into each day.


Try something new every day

We should all do this at home, but it’s so much easier on holiday. Trying new experiences improves our creativity and our ability to solve old problems, plus it also reduces our risk of depression and anxiety. Each day choose one experience to try that day and focus on all the sensations of it, practising mindfulness about the scents, what you see around you, sounds, feelings and tastes that are new. This really is better than a camera for helping to create and store memories that will last forever.