We’re all thinking about fathers in our lives as we get closer to Father’s Day on June 18th. And did you know that as fathers get older, their kids can play a pivotal role in helping them to stay healthy.  


Here are a few ways you can help.


  • Make sure he doesn’t skip doctors visits

There is clear evidence in the medical community that men are less likely to visit the doctor with a complaint they consider ‘minor’ than a woman. But the early warning signs such as changes in digestive patterns or small lumps can help doctors to spot serious things and treat them much more effectively than if they see a patient when the condition is worse. More than anyone, children can give a little nudge here and there and just get dad to go to the doctors to ‘be on the safe side’.


  • Go for a walk together

One of the key causes of health problems in men from middle age onwards is sedentary behaviour, which leads to weight gain and heart problems and a multitude of other health concerns. Walking little and often, even just 20 minutes each day has been described by many doctors as a magic bullet when it comes to improving health, as it has been found to improve everything from heart health and stress levels to reducing risk of diseases such as dementia in later life. So, if you’re going to see your dad, try to arrange to meet somewhere where you can walk and talk as you catch up. 


  • Make friends with his doctor

If your dad is a bit older and has a medical condition, it can be helpful if you make yourself known to his local GP. Obviously his medical treatment and information will remain confidential, but you can talk to his doctor and ask how you can help. If your dad gives permission, his doctor can share information. It can also be helpful to do some research into his condition so you can support him, for example, by helping him to take his medication properly, or by cooking meals that might be beneficial.

Find out how Olivia in our team supported her dad when he was going through cancer treatment here

There is also information about the NHS rules and procedures for talking to your dad’s doctor here.


  • Help him to take time out

Stress is a big health issue for men over 40 and booking little relaxing breaks for him from time to time can help. More and more men are enjoying spa treatments -- find a spa near you here, or you could buy him some male grooming products with relaxing botanicals, such as lavender or chamomile, discreetly infused so he gets a little relaxation every day. Our Soothing Muscle Balm is a good example as it contains both of the above relaxing botanicals whilst serving the practical purpose of helping to banish aches and pains.


  • Cook him something special

Making Dad something which is sneakily healthy and packed full of nutrients can have a powerful effect if that meal then becomes one of his favourite dishes. Over time, you can help to transform his diet. Try stir fries packed full of crunchy vegetables or grilled salmon dishes with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Get some inspiration and great recipes from our friend Bettina Campolucci-Bordi of Bettina’s Kitchen for food that looks as beautiful as it tastes www.bettinaskitchen.com

And one from Amanda: Every time you see him, give your dad a hug and tell him you love him. 

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