Fright night is nearly here, and if you’re planning on putting on a little spooky make-up these quick tips will help to make sure you don’t look ghoulish for real the when the parties are over.


TRICK: In the days leading up to Halloween parties, use a good face oil such as our Daily Rejuventating Face Oil twice a day to make sure your skin is balanced and hydrated. That way, when you do apply your costume make-up, it won’t be absorbed deeply into your skin and you will have a fine layer of protection which will help the product to go on nice and smoothly.


TREAT: Take a few moments to breathe in the scents of the face oil and to give yourself a gentle acupressure massage when you apply the oil. Move your fingertips in slow circles from your chin to your cheeks. Circle a little more firmly around your temples before trailing your fingers from the centre of your brow, above and below the browline to relieve tension.


TRICK: On the night of the party, apply a layer of Skin Solve with Calendula. This is wonderful for soothing irritated skin and will add a protective layer on your skin, so any irrititants in the make-up won’t cause you any rashes or redness.


TREAT: Take a few moments to yourself before you head out to breathe in something reviving and energising. We use rosemary, sage and thyme in our Revive and Energise oil from our Mindful Moments set and you can carry it with you in your pocket.


TRICK: Use an oil based cleanser such as our Daily Radiance Facial Cleansing Balm to remove your costume make-up. Oil attracts oil and will remove it more effectively.


TREAT: Give yourself a 15 minute wind down window between leaving the event and going to bed. This will give you time to take your make up off carefully and apply a gentle moisturising balm, while drinking a glass or water or herbal tea. Not very rock and roll, but you will feel so much better waking up with soft, glowing skin and no make-up on your pillow and fingers crossed, no hangover.