1.       Don’t break the habit

Plan to work out at a regular time and day each week. This means you can plan other things around your gym time so general chores do not give you an excuse not to go.

2.       Start small

Begin by doing short two mile runs or small weights to build your strength and endurance and encourage you to complete your challenge. This sense of achievement will help to push yourself further each time.

3.       Measure fitness

Don’t measure your fitness progress by weighing yourself because muscles are heavier than fat. Instead, keep a record of how many crunches you can do in thirty seconds to see how exercise is making you stronger and faster.

4.       Stress relief

Exercise is great way to release stress as well as releasing endorphins to improve your mood. When exercise is linked to stress relief, it’s much easier to regain the habit even after a break.

5.       Invite a friend

Having a social aspect linked to going to the gym or going for a run can encourage you to go and well as your friend motivating and encouraging you to go.

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