The Roses Arrive 

Receiving the delivery of our 100% organic rose buds, never fails to cheer us up. The colour alone is breath taking. We invite the whole team into the lab to share their beautiful fragrance.

DID YOU KNOW: roses are naturally uplifting, their fragrance can help boost

self-esteem and confidence.


Labour of Love 

Completed macerations are hand pressed here in our lab then blended with base and essential oils to create our beautiful products. We take great pride in our 100% organic certification, the diligence necessary to source organic ingredients is a small price to pay.

DID YOU KNOW: we were the first UK company to achieve 100% organic accreditation across our whole skincare range?


Well Worth Waiting For

This light facial oil is a drink for the skin. Ideal for restoring natural balance day or night. Luxurious rose buds macerated in jojoba oil, with wheatgerm oil and vanilla pods will rejuvenate your skin - resulting in natural radiance. 

DID YOU KNOW: each 50ml bottle contains the essence of at least 10 whole rose buds?!