The most important part of my beauty regime in the summer and at any time of year is to protect it with the best moisturiser possible. 


Before moisturising, I apply Made for Life Cleanser all over my face, leave to soak in for a couple of minutes and then gently wash off using a warm damp organic muslin face cloth which removes any dirt or salt water left after a day at the beach. My face is then a blank canvas ready to soak in moisturiser.

I use Made for Life Replenish and Protect Daily Moisturising Balm on my face every day and night. It is 100% natural and Organic so I know it is the very best thing I can do for the beauty of my skin. I have used Made for Life Organics products for over 13 years and I would not use anything else. 


Wearing oil based moisturiser like Made for Life Organics can take a bit of getting used to if you are not used to it but the results are amazing. The most important thing I have learned is to give myself the time in the morning to allow the moisturiser to fully soak in before attempting to apply any make up. That way it makes sure that there is no excess oil on the face and you don’t end up with oily looking skin and this will help make up last for longer…. although you may feel that make up is no longer necessary as you will look so beautiful and glowing!!


For extra soft beach skin, once a week, whilst my skin is wet in the shower I apply some Made for Life Body Softening Oil to an organic muslin cloth and gently wash my whole body with it in circular motions. I then lightly rinse in the shower and pat dry. This has a lovely exfoliating and moisturising effect all over my body and leaves my skin soft and glowing ready to bare on the beach.


If I am surfing a lot, my hair can get dry and brittle so to help protect it I apply a little of the Made for Life Organics Daily Moisturising Balm just to the very ends of my hair and leave it in whilst surfing or overnight if it is extra dry.


The Spiezia range is so natural and versatile I use it for almost anything… my husband even uses the Calendula balm on wetsuit rub!


Summer is my favourite time of year for so many reasons; especially the lovely feeling of healthy, happy, sun kissed skin.


Enjoy, Emma :)