Help us to continue to reduce waste in 2018 by choosing the Eco-Packaging option at the checkout. 


We're delighted to announce that in 2017, 17% of all Made for Life Organics customers chose our 'Eco-Packaging' option, making a donation of 20p to the Made for Life Foundation which supports those going through the cancer journey, with this figure increasing to 26% in 2018.

So what is the ‘Eco Packaging’ option?

At the checkout stage of our online website, we give all customers the option to say YES to Eco Packaging. This means no product carton or its associated accessory with their order and an automatic donation to the Made for Life Foundation.

Although all of our packaging is either 100% recycled or recyclable, sometimes the product cartons are not always needed for those re-purchasing their favourite organic skincare item - which will ultimately help reduce waste.

We are extremely passionate and committed to being a clean & sustainable business and this small step taken by our customers helps us make a big difference.

Did you know we are officially Ethically Accredited?

We were recently awarded one of the top scores in  The Good Shopping Guide, receiving a top ethical rating of 96 on the ethical index. They said, “Scoring top marks across numerous categories, Made for Life Organics has emerged as another standout ethical leader in the skincare market.”

Find out more here and see where we sit amongst other brands.

So what can you do?

Choose to go ‘eco’ with your order. When you’re re-purchasing your favourite 100% Organic Skincare product from the Made for Life Organics range, think to yourself – do you need the additional product packaging? If not then click yes and let’s see if we can double last year’s figure in 2018 to donate even more to the Foundation whilst minimising packaging.

Find out more here about our green credentials.