Made for Life Organics: your Dog Friendly Organic First Aid Kit!


Did you know our 100% organic skincare products are so gentle and pure they make ideal salves and treatments for dogs as well as humans.


Scratches and Bites


Calendula which is found in our Skin Solve Balm has been used for centuries as a healing botanical. It’s ideal if your dog is adventurous and runs through bushes and brambles as you can apply it to cuts, abrasions, burns and inflammations. The Skin Solve Balm is also great for rashes, insect bites, eczema and even sunburn.

The balm speeds healing, relieves pain and inflammation and its antibacterial properties also help to prevent infection.

Be careful not to apply the balm to wounds that are oozing or weeping, however, as if the wound has become infected, then calendula might cause the wound to heal over too quickly and should not be applied until the wound is closed.

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Bruises and Sprains


Our Soothing Bruise balm is helpful if your dog has a bruise or a sprain. The balm contains arnica which is commonly used to treat everything from sore muscles to bruises and sprains. Arthritis symptoms have also been alleviated with topical application of arnica gels and creams.

Only use the balmon closed-tissue injuries and make sure you apply the balm directly to the skin itself and not your dog’s fur.

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