Summer sun can cause havoc with your skin, as it can cause our skin to produce excess sebum due to the heat, making us more prone to spots. Here are some tips to help keep skin clear and healthy:


Check your skincare products for irritants

Many skincare products that claim to treat spots and acne actually make it worse. Products which contain ethanol (denatured alcohol) for example can irritate some skins and make breakouts worse. Made for Life by Spiezia Organics skincare products are 100% pure and organic, they contain no ethanol as they are made entirely from natural organic oils and are ideal for congested skin, and sensitive skin.


Use face oil

It’s counter-intuitive, but using our Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil can help oily skin to become more balanced. The skin ‘recognises’ the oils and naturally begins to produce less sebum, tackling the problem of spots at the very start — you’ll simply get fewer breakouts.


Get your beauty sleep 

Apparently, not getting a good night’s sleep increases your risk of stress. In turn, stress hormones can actually alter the structure of your skin and make conditions such as acne worse. There is truth in the old saying, it seems.


Switch to healthy snacks

It’s true, chocolate, sweets, even bread — foods which have a high glycemic index and cause your blood sugar to rise quickly can cause spots. The blood sugar spikes, causing your body to release insulin, which in turn causes an increase in sebum production and clogged pores. Switching to wholegrains, beans and vegetables — nuts or carrots and humous as a snack for example, can keep your energy levels steady and help to keep your skin clear.