Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are found in many beauty products such as toothpaste, face wash etc. They are designed to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin with a smooth surface.

However, they have recently made headlines because they are too small to be filtered by our sewage systems and are now being found in our oceans. Fish and other animals consume these microbeads and they end up in our food chain. 


In fact, one globally recognised face wash contains up to an estimated 360,000 microbeads in a single tube. As the dangers of microbeads are now becoming more publicly known, many companies are now removing microbeads from their products and are finding more natural alternatives.

At Made for Life Organics, we use organic hand sifted chamomile stamens to give our Brightening Facial Exfoliator texture and act as a gentle exfoliant.

Similarly, for our Embrace the Day Body Scrub, we use two different types of organic sugar to give two levels of exfoliation. The larger granule of sugar actions the top level of exfoliation, removing dry skin cells. The smaller granule of sugar buffs and removes dead skin cells, leaving revitalised and super smooth skin and not a microbead in sight.

So when you use Made for Life Organics, you are taking care of yourself and you're also looking after the environment too.

Every ingredient selected and used is derived from nature. Every ingredient used returns to nature and leaves no trace.