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Cosmos & the Soil Association

Cosmos & the Soil Association

Cosmos & the Soil Association

Made for Life Organics has since its beginning been certified by the Soil association. Standards are ever evolving and we are committed to producing products using 100% organic ingredients and using sustainable packaging. In fact we were the first ever company to have full accreditation for our entire range from the Soil Association and have worked with them ever since to help mould the certification for beauty products ever since. COSMOS standards, have evolved in 2010 from the Soil Association and their partnership with four other leading certifiers in Europe (Cosmebio, Ecocert, BDiH and ICEA). This standard is seen as the future for natural and organic beauty certification in Europe and further afield, as by harmonising the standard, it should bring the whole industry onto a level playing field.

Traceability, authenticity and honesty are of paramount importance.

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No supplier must have been involved in animal testing of any sort with any ingredients. We believe that animal testing is unnecessary and cruel. This is backed up with accreditation from the Humane Cosmetics Standard.

Ingredients supplied to us must increase the long term soil fertility and sustainable management of resources. Ingredients must maintain genetic diversity including the protection of plants and wildlife habitats and our suppliers must use, as far as possible, renewable resources to minimise all forms of pollution.

We will not accept any genetically modified (GM) ingredients – not enough is known about the long-term implications and they are not accepted by the Soil Association. Our ingredients are ALL organic, and we don’t even need to use preservatives because our products are oil based, meaning that absolutely no nasties go into your skin.

Plastic marine litter can also adsorb toxic chemicals, becoming increasingly harmful over time and often entering the food chain when mistaken for food by fish, seabirds, marine mammals and other organisms. This is why all of our packaging and cartons that goods are supplied in are recyclable.













The vast majority of marine litter is plastic, which never truly breaks down. Experts suggest plastic left in the environment will be with us in some microscopic form many thousands of years later. We use recycled glass jars and bottles for our products and are committed to being a clean & sustainable business